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What Is Jazz?

Duke Gardens, 426 Anderson Street, Durham, NC

  An interactive "edutainment" lecture - concert that answers the question "What Is Jazz?" by breaking it down into its component parts, rebuilding it, then applying these elements to different tunes.

Free to the public


A Tribute to James Reese Europe

Kennedy Center, 2700 F Street NW, Washington, DC

Join Randy Weston, Robert Trowers, T.K. Blue, Alex Blake, Neil Clarke, Bob Stewart, Ayodele Maakheru, and Vincent Ector in a tribute to the great African - American band leader and organizer James Reese Europe. They will perform a suite of music dedicated to this pivotal figure in African - American musical history, composed by Randy Weston with arrangements by T.K, Blue.



"Men Of Bronze" Film screening and panel discussion

La Maison Francaise, 40101 Reservoir Road, NW, Washington, DC

Join Randy Weston, Robert Trowers, and a panel of experts for the screening of "Men Of Bronze" , a documentary film about the 369th Regiment (New York 15th regiment), better known as the "Hellfighters", who gained respect and fame for their service for France in World War I. Additionally, the band associated with this regiment was regarded as the best band in the Army at the time. It was led by the famous society bandleader & organizer James Reese Europe. The band excelled not only at the martial music of the time, but also at the playing of African - American musical selections, which were novelties at the time, and were the earliest experiences that western Europe had with live Jazz.

Free & open to the public

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